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Card Log

05 May 12
TRADED: hbp-draco15 for ps-up05 with Siri (1 trade)
08 Apr 12
06 apr update: 2 galleons, E - ps-snape15, A - gof-ageline05, S - gof-beauxbatons15, T - ps-useitwell05, E - ps-chess15, R - ps-harry05
words of wisdom: cos-iamlordvoldemort15, dh-theprincestale10, gof-fleur02, 1galleon
forgetfulness potion: ootp-advanceguards05, dh1-voldemort10, hbp-hermione, 2galleons
tic tac toe: p-gof-difficulttimes13, poa-cockroach07, hbp-tosser02
bertie botts every flavor beans: p-ps-letter10, poa-ron15, gof-portkey01
yule ball: ps-goodluck09
o1 Apr 12
25 mar update: ps-snape03, gof-ageline02, gof-beauxbatons02, dh-cafeattack12, poa-mischiefmanaged04, gof-baboons11, ps-sorting13, rupertgrint06, hbp-draco07, dh-lastmoments09, hbp-armchair15, dh-theprincestale15, hbp-lovepotion02, ootp-advanceguard15, poa-thirtysix07, cos-youwereseen14, dh-dittany14, ootp-headquarters04
11 Mar 12
spelling trouble: poa-monster05, ootp-sirius14, cos-flyingford03
history of magic: robertpattinson13, ps-lumossolem15, rupertgrint12
spilled butterbeer: cos-youwereseen08, gof-younglove10, hbp-tonic10
herbology: poa-trelawney10, ootp-sirius10, gof-yuleball03, 1galleon
higher or lower: ps-moreimportant09, ootp-headquarters01, 1galleon
veritaserum: gof-cedric09, matthewlewis13, poa-grimdefeat04
04 Mar 12
TRADED: cos-dobbyswarning11, cos-iamlordvoldemort06, cos-madandhairy09, cos-youwereseen01, dh-dragonheartstring12, gof-notanowl15 for psnape04/08, ps-up07/08 gof-ageline04/15 with Sam (6 trades)
level 2: ps-snape02, cos-moaningmyrtle13, dh-theprincestale09, favouritecharacter02
27 Feb 12
TRADED: dh1-hermione01 for ps-snape05 with Kimi + membercards (1 trade)
26 Feb 12
spelling trouble: ps-quidditchpractice05, dh-piertotumlocomotor13, gof-decentthing01
defense against the dark arts: dh-dragonheartstring12, ootp-harry07, dh-merrychristmas01
fluffys music: gof-spectacular12, dh-hey06, gof-beauxbatons14, 1galleon
spilled butterbeer: hbp-lovepotion05, dh-lightninghasstruck03, hbp-armchair14
care of magical creatures: gof-baboons15, ps-up14, poa-thefirebolt01
herbology: poa-trelawney06, ootp-neville03, dh-theifsdownfall13, 1galleon
higher or lower: cos-youwereseen01, gof-yuleball14, 1galleon
20 Feb 12
words of wisdom: cos-madandhairy09, emmawatson06, cos-flexible04, 1galleon
puzzle: poa-page39413, hbp-unbreakablevow06, dh1-hermione10, 1galleon, 1sickle
forgetfulness potion: hbp-draco15, cos-iamlordvoldemort06, cos-peskipiksi13, 2galleons
tic tac toe: ootp-wayofcommingback07, ps-nopost07, ootp-sirius08
yule ball: ootp-sirius11
lottery: ps-sunshinedaisies14, poa-thefirebolt07
slots: ootp-fillyouup11, hbp-tosser09, gof-spectacular12, dh1-ronhermione03
18 feb update: poa-lumosmaxima10, gof-decentthing07, ootp-highinquisitor14, hbp-tosser06, dh-theprincestale04/07
18 feb valentines: dh1-ronhermione14, V- ps-olliVanders01, A - ps-snApe01, L - ps-goodLuck07, E - ps-chEss01, N - ps-griNgotts01, T - useiTwell01, I - ps-quIdditchpractice01, N - ps-Notgoinghome01, E - sunshinEdaisies15
September 19
spelling trouble: hbp-harryginny04, ootp-telephonebooth03, 2sickle
potions: ootp-expelled13, gof-cedric14, poa-revealyoursecret05, galleon
care of magical creatures: gof-beauxbatons03, cos-flexible09, ps-ollivanders07, 3sickle
puzzle: dh-tottenhamcourtrd06, cos-flyingford15, ps-mcgonagall04
August 02
ancient runes: gof-cedric08, ootp-bigd14, hbp-unbreakablevow15
transfiguration: gof-bath13, dh-furelise03, ps-harry02
potions: cos-dobbyswarning11, poa-revealyoursecret10, poa-cockroach08, galleon
card of magical creatures: ootp-mistletoe14, ootp-hearing01, ps-mcgonagall10, 3sickle
puzzle: poa-page39402, gof-wangoballwimme10, gof-bath08
slots: cos-basilisk12/14, ootp-luna10, ootp-hearing10
tic tac toe: ps-chess14, poa-cockroach03, ps-dumbledore03, galleon, sickle
muggle studies: ps-dumbledore14, poa-flying02, gof-bartycrouchjr12, 2galleon
defense against the dark arts: ootp-hearing04, ootp-possessed15, poa-knightbus02
herbology: poa-expectopatronum03, ootp-theduel01, gof-fleur01
history of magic: gof-yuleball02, ps-useitwell03, ps-snape10
who: gof-ageline01, cos-itsdisgusting01, cos-flyingford10, sickle, knut
actor trivia: ootp-hearing04, cos-flyingford, cos-itsdisgusting08
fill in the blanks: hbp-unbreakablevow03, ootp-mistletoe01, cos-flexible04
finish the quote: hbp-draco15, poa-mischiefmanaged13, cos-flexible06, 2sickle, knut
finish the sentence: ootp-mistletoe15, dh-tottenhamcourtrd12, poa-dementor10, sickle, 2knut
august birthday: dh-cafeattack02, cos-beware03, cos-duellingclub02, poa-atthelake06, dh-furelise14, favoritescene12, 4galleon, sickle, knut
TRADED: poa-trelawney10, membercard for ps-up13, membercard with Sam (1 trade)
TRADED: dh-dance05, membercard for ps-harry06, membercard with Sujini (1 trade)
July 19
spell(ing) trouble: ootp-theduel12, poa-lupin07, 2sickle
care of magical creatures: gof-freshbloodbone13, ootp-bigd04, poa-riddikulus14, 3sickle
potions: gof-portkey05, gof-portkey10, poa-dementor04, galleon
puzzle: poa-monster06, cos-flexible11, ps-ron12
tic tac toe: cos-moaningmyrtle13, poa-trelawney10, gof-beauxbatons06, galleon, sickle
defense against the dark arts: gof-ageline11, poa-knightbus05, rupertgrint09
herbology: gof-ageline12, ootp-hearing01, gof-harry11
divination: ps-useitwell15, gof-fleshbloodbone, cos-basilisk02
fill in the blanks: ps-harry09, ps-up03, dh-dance05
finish the quote: dh1-hermione01, dh-cafeattack03, gof-beauxbatons01, 2sickle, knut
finish the sentence: ootp-darkvslight06, gof-ageline06, gof-prioriincantatem07, sickle, 2knuts
July 18
starter pack: ps-snape11/12, cos-beware10, ps-ron11, bonniewright11, dh-cafeattack05, cos-magicalme08